Criminals and History Book

Criminal Investigators, Villains and Tricksters


Are you planning to write a mystery or crime story that takes place in the past? If so, then take a look at my new book, Criminal Investigators, Villains and Tricksters: A Trip Through History. You’ll meet pioneer forensic investigators, private eyes, criminals, and others who made their mark in history. Specifically, you’ll find stories about:

Criminal Investigators:

  • Eugène-François Vidocq: The First Modern Detective
  • Allan Pinkerton and his Detective Agency
  • From the Pinkerton Files: The Maroney Case
  • Dave Cook: Frontier Peacekeeper
  • Jim Hume: Wells Fargo Detective
  • Joseph Bell: The Doctor Investigates
  • Alphonse Bertillon: Nineteenth Century Biometrician
  • Charles Siringo: Cowboy Detective
  • William J. Burns: Private Investigator
  • Juan Vucetich: Fingerprinting Pioneer
  • Luke S. May: Scientific Detective
  • August Vollmer: Police Reformer
  • Dashiell Hammett: Pinkerton Operative
  • Edward O. Heinrich: Forensic Scientist
  • Elizabeth S. Friedman: Cryptanalyst

Public Agencies:

  • Scotland Yard
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • The US Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Origins of North American Crime Labs

Criminals and Tricksters:

  • Burke and Hare: Resurrection Men and Killers
  • Spring-heeled Jack: Urban Legend?
  • The Fox Sisters: Spirited Tricksters
  • John Webster: Murderer or Victim?
  • Standing Bear: His Arrest Made History
  • Herman Mudgett: 19th Century Serial Killer
  • Sir Arthur and the Cottingley Fairies Caper
  • Leopold and Loeb: Their Imperfect Crime
  • John Scopes and the Drugstore Conspiracy

Criminal Investigators, Villains and Tricksters: A Trip Through History is available from, Barnes and Noble, and other fine booksellers.